After Coronavirus, the second thing people are talking about is "Work from home"

Do you have your Business Continuity Plan Ready?

In this epidemic situation when people are talking about social distancing, you as a business owner or an employer should think of running your business as usual. One of the key takeaways from the current situation is that your business must have a continuity plan ready. This applies to large, medium and small size companies.

What should you do?

Opt For Cloud

You must try to keep your data, files on the cloud storage as much as possible. With this, you are at least ensuring that your data can be assessed from anywhere.

Work From Home

Culture flows from upward, so you should start allowing your employees to work from home once a week.

Data Security

You must ensure that your data is secure and accessible from other locations in case it is required. You can look for better VPN solutions.


The need for Business Continuity Plan

If you have experienced the "Coronavirus Effect" on the business, then I am sure you can skip this section. There are numerous situations where you may need a Business Continuity Plan.

  • Flood

    Flooding is widespread and can cause significant disruption to your business. 

  • Power Outage

    Another common problem is power outage which can trigger your backup plan. It seems small but can cause significant disruptions.

  • Extreme Weather

    In extreme weather conditions, your employees may or may not be able to travel and that might cause a disruption.

  • Terror Attack

    Such unwanted events can impact your business and you may be asked to trigger your plan B.

  • Fire

    What if the building catches fire and is not in use any more? There is a clear need for Business Continuity Plan.

  • Cyber Attack

    What if your computers are hacked? What if there is a complete outage due to DDoS attack.


Cloud Computing

A cloud solution can help you with building your business continuity plans. It may seem like an expensive solution, but it is not.

  • Technology Selection

    Selection of the right cloud platform is important for your business. You must ensure that your existing tech stack is compatible with your cloud technology. 

  • Migration

    You should have a plan to migrate your data (active/inactive) to the cloud. If it is not done correctly, it can be a costly venture at the end of the day. 

  • Data Security

    Once your data is placed in the cloud, it must be accessible and secure. 


Homeworking - advice and guidance

You can always consider homeworking as part of your Business Continuity Plan.

  • Discovery

    It is important for employers to figure out if a job can be done from home or not. I call it a discovery phase. 

  • Tools & Technology

    After the discovery phase, it is easy to identify which tools or technologies are required to ensure that your employees can work from home. 

  • Process & management

    It is important to set up a process to manage. Your focus should remain on managing work, not the employees. 

  • Health and safety for homeworkers

    You as an employer have and will always have the responsibility for your employee health and safety. 

  • Agreements

    Once you have agreed and are ready, you must ensure that your employees are in agreement with you and ready to work from home.

How can I help you?

I am and will be a hardcore believer of working from home. I have built highly productive and effective teams. I had an opportunity to set up and lead a team which used to work from home -24/7. This seems impossible, but I lead that team for more than five years. Business continuity planning is not a "one-time" activity. It is a continuous process. I have learnt these things over a period of time and I can share my experience with you.

I can spend time with the employees and figure it out if their jobs can be done from home or not. 

I can ensure that data is securely accessible to those who are working from home or from the office premise. 

As I said that BCP is not a one-time activity. I can ensure that your business has a plan and that plan is tested throughout to make sure things will work fine in a "crit sit". 

Writing a health and safety policy is not my area, but I can ensure the employees and employers follow that policy. 


If you have scrolled up to this point

I am sure you need someone who can design your website in Bolton or at least advise you for your web design requirements. Use the calendar below and choose a time slot that suits you best.

Options & Pricing

Business Startup Package

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  • One Time Setup
  • Insecure Technologies
  • Local Data Only

Business Growth Package

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  • Secure VPN Server Setup
  • Cloud Data Migration
  • BCP Testing / Year
  • VPN Server Maintenance

Business Expansion Package

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  • Cloud Data Migration
  • BCP Testing twice a year
  • VPN Server Maintenance
  • Hardware-on-rent option
  • Monitoring software (Cloud/on-premise)
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