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Every second counts in the world of web designing and SEO

It is essential to understand that Local SEO is like a marathon. It takes time, resources and energy to be the winner. Also, remember, you are not the only one running for Local SEO in Bolton.

Essential Aspects of a Website for Local SEO Bolton

Fully Responsive

To achieve the best results from your Local SEO investment, your web site must be fully responsive. Nowadays, 80% of website traffic comes from mobile devices.

Loads Faster

If a website is not loading fast enough, search engines give it a lower ranking priority. All efforts must be taken to make sure your website loads within 2-3 seconds only.

SEO Friendly

Of course, your website design must be SEO friendly. It means you must follow the right set of H1s, H2s headings with proper text and image ratio to get the maximum advantage of your Local SEO in Bolton.

A Few Things I do for Better Local SEO in Bolton

On Page SEO

  • Keyword Research

    One must spend a reasonable amount of time on Keyword researching. You may start targeting long-tail keywords which are generally the best initially.

  • Content Creation

    Once your keywords are identified, content creation comes into place. Your contents must be created in such a way that your keywords naturally fit into the contents. At the same time, your content must have relevance. Like here, you are searching for local SEO in Bolton and I am talking about Local SEO in Bolton only.

  • On Page Optimisation

    Once the contents are ready, on-page optimization is the next step. You must try to optimise your meta tags, keywords, description, alt tags etc while doing your on-page optimisation for local SEO in Bolton.

Technical SEO

  • Site Speed

    I mean it when I say every second counts in the world of SEO. Google prefers a website which loads faster on various devices and Google prioritises such websites with a higher ranking. There are many tools available which can give you some idea of your website speed.

  • Site Structure

    It is directly linked with user experience. Here, just ask yourself how you feel, if you are looking for Local SEO in Bolton and you land on a page which just talks about Web Design Bolton, like you, Google prefers websites with better user experience.

  • Resposive Design

    Technology is changing at a rapid speed. We used to browse websites on browsers, then mobile phones came along, now people are accessing websites on their TV’s, and soon there will be foldable screens. Your website should work on all available devices. That is what Google likes.

Off Site SEO

  • Link Building

    Link building is essential for your Local SEO activities. Google likes it when you have your links on the relevant sites. Just imaging if you are a cleaning company and you are building a link on a Locksmiths directory – that’s not quite right ….is it ?

  • Directory Submission

    Directory submission or so-called Local citation is vital for your Local SEO. Think like you are listing your Bolton based business into a Quebec based business directory. Does it make any sense? No. The same way, Google sees no reason in it. 

  • Guest Blogging

    Guest blogging is not only a way to promote your business to the followers of a blogger but also a way to get a quality backlink on for your website. It takes a considerable amount of time to find the right bloggers for your niche. 

Recent Web Design Projects

Rock Salt

Rocksalt is one of my customers from Bristol. He asked me if we could design a website which is colourful because he owns an Indian restaurant and India is full of colours and he wanted the same theme.


Datemy is not just a website, it has complex software working behind it. It has tons of options from user moderations to blog and community forums. It took me two months to learn this software before delivering the website.

Dazzling Mosaics

The challenge I had with dazzling mosaics was to create a colour full and beautiful website. Jackie wanted to have a website which is as good as her dazzling mosaics.

Bolton Web Design Feedback


"Without him, I don't think we would have delivered Ajlia Grocery App in the city. Sachin was responsible for IT only, but he helped me with recruitment, business planning and even with marketing."

- Nijam

Sachin is an extremely dedicated person and passionate about developing high-quality websites. His strong technology background and immense experience of building websites are unmatched. He continuously advises on the approach and guides through the latest advancements in terms of increasing google rankings and ease of navigation. Very impressed Best Wishes 


- Rajesh Hotchandani

I have had a considerable amount of work done by Sachin and cannot recommend him enough. If I could give him 6 stars I would. His work is perfect, I have never had to question anything, punctual and a very nice bloke.

- Tus

If you have scrolled up to this point

I am sure you need someone who can design your website in Bolton or at least advise you for your web design requirements. Use the calendar below and choose a time slot that suits you.

Local SEO Bolton Pricing Structure

Though it is very hard to give you a price quote without knowing your requirements clearly, however, I tried my best to give you some indicators for Local SEO Bolton.

Business Startup Package

£ 199 PCM

  • 1-10 Keywords
  • 1 Location

Business Growth Package

£ 299 PCM

  • 10-15 Keywords
  • 2 Locations

E-Commerce Package

£399 PCM

  • 15-20 Keywords
  • 3 Locations

Some FAQs for Local SEO Bolton

Unfortunately, it is hard to offer you a discount. In fact, the prices that you see above are just for indication only. 

You will get a monthly report which will be nice and easy to understand. 

Yes, please contact me and I will share it with you.

Yes, please contact me and I can guide you in the right direction.

It is hard to say. No Local SEO consultant or agency can predict this. If they are foretelling it, then please let me know as well. 

I am sure you must have found this page on Google's listing and that is why you are here. This is my first example. If I can do it for myself, I can do it for you. 

I think it is hard to say, everyone in the field is best and that is why they are surviving. The rest won't survive. 

I can host your website or you can ask them to grant me admin access on your website so that I can perform my Local SEO activities.

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